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A prepositional phrase answers one of many questions.

A prepositional phrase answers one of many questions. If, on the other hand, the sentence begins with an independent clause, there is not a comma separating the two clauses.I have been an educator for 4 years, and I have learned a lot from more experienced teachers in my district.

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While the writer does alternate between “I” and “my”, both pronouns refer to the same subject.

This repetition of personal pronouns is most common when writing a Personal Development Plan (PDP) or other personal papers.

Notice how this paragraph uses the same information as the previous one but breaks it into seven sentences.

While the information is more digestible through these shorter sentences, the reader may not know what information is the most pertinent to the paragraph’s purpose.

In 2010, the company’s yearly profit growth decreased from the previous year by 2%. The profit growth had steadily increased by more than 7% since 1989.

(They stabilized in 2009.) This announcement stunned Wall Street analysts.

Not only will it bore the reader, but it will also reflect an immature style of writing. If you define a verb phrase as a phrase that includes the verb, its auxiliaries, its complements, and other modifiers, then it is illustrated above, to some extent, in the words, “turns quickly into our shaded driveway.”Do you have any special technique to help you to produce a good mix of sentence structures in your essays? Your comments, observations, and questions are welcome.

Prepositional Phrase: A phrase that begins with a preposition (i.e., in, at for, behind, until, after, of, during) and modifies a word in the sentence.

I will discuss how all of these elements, along with scholarly texts, have impacted my educational philosophy.

Notice how the writer of this paragraph starts each sentence and clause with a personal pronoun.


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