Should You Include A Personal Statement In Your Cv

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It will then rank the suitability of each CV according to the presence, location and frequency of those key words.

It will then rank the suitability of each CV according to the presence, location and frequency of those key words.

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For example: This quickly tells the recruiter whether you have the depth of background and sector knowledge that they are after.

Personality fit Employers do like to get a sense of what you may be like as a candidate.

So instead of calling yourself an “experienced professional” or “hard-working individual” in your profile, give yourself a clear label, ideally the same one as the job you are applying for.

This means that if they are looking for a ‘Charity Fundraiser” then you should call yourself this right at the start of your profile, rather than using “Community Partnerships Executive” or another job title you previously had.

Get it wrong and your chances of being invited to interview are drastically reduced.

Its aim is to highlight your professional attributes and goals, emphasising why they should continue reading the rest of your CV.

“Resilient under pressure as shown by my success in achieving targets despite the most turbulent market conditions in a decade”.

Find parallels Actively look for similarities between your previous experience and the role you are applying for.

Aim to use no more than 50 words, making each sentence a key selling point.

Unfortunately, too many people follow the tradition of using stock phrases and ‘key' words that they think will help them stand out from the crowd.


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