Small Organic Farm Business Plan

Small Organic Farm Business Plan-75
Most new farmers will need loans in order to finance the purchase of land, equipment and infrastructure.Look to lenders who are members of Farm Credit System, a government sponsored network.

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This plan doesn't need to be concrete, it can be just an exercise to give yourself a chance to see what being a farmer might look like in theory.

While defining your broad goals, you need to decide if organic farming is a realistic business endeavor or simply something you'd like to do in order to feed your family or help the community.

On the flip side, if your goal is to make profits, then you're likely on board with farming as a business.

If you're not sure why you'd like to farm, check out the following article to help you decide: Is Organic Farming a Business or Hobby?

Either choice is fine, but there are gigantic difference between running a farm for business or for pleasure or another personal reason.

If all your reasons for organic farming involve helping others before yourself or if your goal is only to grow enough food for your family, you're likely interested in a hobby farm or small family farming or even simply organic gardening, not business farming.

You also need to conduct a soil test, which can be as cheap or as expensive as you make it.

If you plan to certify organic or otherwise, that carries an expense depending on your certifier.

Some key issues to consider include the following: In general think about what organic farming means to you and why this would be a good (or not so good) career fit.

It can help to create an imaginary first year plan.


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