Stanislavski And Brecht Essay

As a slightly abstract practical example of where his theory could be used, look at Priestley's An Inspector Calls.This is not a play which an audience goes to to enjoy a wonderful story that will tear at their own emotions, bringing them to laughter or tears.

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this is to me what makes theatre pure escapism: if i wanted a political message i would have gone to a rally. oh also, you can be both teams if your point is valid I'm not on either side.

I probably hate Stan less - I actually occasionally use the odd technique of his on certain types of play, but even then they're not much more than common sense.

If I wanted to see boring naturalistic real life I'd watch a film or the telly, but theatre is a different medium and we should celebrate that.

Brechtian theatre just sucks all the fun out of it for me - all theatre is inherently political but if it's not entertaining then what's the point.

A lot of you have spoken very highly of Artaud, he is also one of my favourite theatre theorists.

I see him as the opposite extreme to Brecht, whilst Stanislavski sits in the middle.

In contrast to movements that privileged psychological realism, such as the method acting championed by Konstantin Stanislavski, epic theater sought to have a point of view, and privileged "function" over "form." The aim of epic theater was to incite an introspective experience in the viewer such that they had to orient themselves in relation to the play, to consider its message in relation to their own beliefs.

In this way, epic theater was and is an inherently political theatrical practice. The suffering of this or that person grips me because there is an escape for him.

but i much perfer brecht, he wants to effect change, make things happen, teach you. Physical theatre performances like DV8, productions like the masque of the red death by punchdrunk, and the Argentinian Fuerzabruta are pretty much my favourite productions ever because well... I do like naturalism too, and Stans methods can produce some pretty awe inspiring performances.

stan the man wants you to feel, have a nice jolly time at the theatre, watch a nice play that hes made you reahearse for 2years. im only in year 12 but we got the oppurtunity to watch a brecht play, man equals man, with the upper sixth and i preffered it generally to the stan techniques, it had so much more energy to it it gave me such a buzz i cant wait until next year.


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