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Based on the evaluation, the author seeks to provide feasible recommendations for the teams to improve their performance and effectiveness.In this section, the author will have a critical evaluation on a number of team issues of Electron teams with the support of academic concepts, relevant theories and models.For example, their concretive control of turning their values into norms and rules is working quite well.

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Team values indicate what ought to do and ought not to do, if they what to make an effective team.

The Electron team had agreed on a number of values for doing good team work, for example: they should achieve improved productivity.

In this section, the author will critically analyse team dynamics and team formation of Electron teams, including team norms/values; stages of group development; team context, structure and team cohesion A concretive control system is also developed in the teams of Electron.

Teams of Electron achieved this by establishing and agreeing on specific team values and norms.

An Electron team consists of 10 team members, with some on temporary contracts, whilst others are full-time employees.

The teams contain female and male workers, with an age range of between 25 and 50 years old.The teams can decide which temporary worker to be hire on as full-time workers. If a member come in late the third time and don't want to do anything to correct it, he will be kicked out of the team. Bruce Tuckman (1965) has proposed a model of group development in 1965, which consists of five phase Forming – Storming – Norming – Performing – Adjourning, as indicated in Fig. The five phases are necessary and inevitable stages in the development of a team.Fig.1 Bruce Tuckman’s model 未命名 For Electron teams, they are now at the third stages of group development, which is the Norming Phase.CONTENTS Electron is a small English telecommunications components manufacturing company established in 1997.To cope with the increasing competition in the market, Electron has restructured manufacturing department into 8 teams.After the Storming stage, they are gradually coming to Norming period. A tentative balance is forming between two competitive powers.With their efforts, team members can gradually understand the thoughts and the objective of the team, build up their common vision and tacit understanding during their interaction. They start working to improve the whole team’s effectiveness, for example, team member shall be willing to do whatever it took for the team to be successful.For example, Stephi, a temporary employee at the team was trying to control her own attitudes and behavior to prove she could be a good team player.The teams have reach an agreement how they should work together, how to share information and resolve conflicts, as well as what kind of tools and procedure shall be taken and followed to finish the tasks.The team are working toward a common goal instead of compete with each other.Structure refers to the ways in which teams defines themselves, which includes disciplines, roles, team mission, values, goals at both team and larger organizational levels (Heinemann & Zeiss, 2002).


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