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Specifically discussed are the definition of this principle, its intention, and the necessary components to ensure this "supreme morality." Bibliography lists 4 sources.

: A 6 page paper discussing Kant's imperatives to government and the governed people as they relate to the firing of the Air Traffic Controllers by Ronald Reagan.

The reason why man should behave morally is derived after looking at two basic divisions in thought.

The concept of utilitarianism, and its applicability to the discussion, is included as well. : A 10 page examination of the question of the need for man’s morality as supported by Nietzsche, a German philosopher most often known for what is perceived as his opposition to morality.

The writer addresses several aspects where animals are forced to relinquish their rights as living beings. : A 4 page paper on how animal rights are viewed under the eudaimonism ideal of self-realization.

The paper presents Charles Norton's views on eudaimonism and outlines a process for the coming together of the bioscience and activist communities (cited example) in regards to animal testing.The writer explains his views on emotivism, virtue, and the state of modern moral discourse. : A 5 page paper that considers what elements are necessary for determining the "good life" and happiness.By providing numerous examples, the writer supports the belief that morality and personal ethics are necessary elements in achieving internal happiness. : A 7 page paper positing that desire is a mental construct, that curtailing desire is natural to human nature and is formulated by reasoning, that reasoning leads to both individual and community ethics based on moral principles established for the good of the community, and that obligation and duty of individuals within the community establish an ethical foundation for living within the community, therefore we can assume that Kant would support the theory that adultery is disallowed, and therefore unethical. : A 5 page paper that investigate the significants of intention or consequences on the moral and ethical decisions of individuals.Activists such as Peter Singer and Tom Regan are noted and their positions stated. Mankind's arrogance has created a world of pain and suffering for his animal counterparts.Morality is considered as the basis for many of the arguments and the paper concludes that perhaps a compromise in treatment of animals in society can be reached. From research and testing to animals in entertainment to the seemingly innocent "sport" of recreational fishing, animals constantly forfeit their intrinsic rights to a life free of pain, suffering and exploitation.The utilitarian images applied include: policy not backed by research, but applied in the case of children and public smoking in the case of adults; state class action suits and the tobacco settlements; and how the government is trying to incorporate utilitarian and individual freedoms under one umbrella. From both a social and a political standpoint, it is argued that abortion is a moral choice on any level.Relevant issues, debates, feelings, theories, beliefs, etc; are evaluatively assessed to build and support the writer's argument.Kant was a supporter of free-will as long as the individual agreed to avoid chaos by lending itself to government's laws, and a supporter of government as long as it made slow reforms that did not incite revolutionaries. : A 7 page paper that considers the philosophical question of societal and individual moral determinations of the welfare system. : A 6 page paper positing that although Jack-in-the-Box seems to be altruistic in its considerations of the harm it caused its customers, the federal government has not been as conscientious--they have said that responsibility for consumer protection resides in at the state government level.This paper demonstrates that the current welfare system is based on the moral and ethical choices of society and of the individual, and considers Kant's perspectives on moral obligations in its development. According to Kant and consumer protection groups, there is an inherent danger in this, as despotism is alive at the state level, and that many states are governed arbitrarily by people with special interests.This paper supports Kant's theory that though man may incorporate personal and sometimes selfish considerations into the process of ethical determinations, this does not negate the moral applications of these choices.At the same time, Kant's theories call in to question whether the effects of moral choices, whether good or not, are considered good simply becasue of the intention of the individual making the determination. ’ : This 6 page research paper examines the morality principle of German philosopher Immanuel Kant.


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