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Well even then, you will have to put in some efforts into that…I know many of you will happily do so…How about exercising?

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Yes they too overcame the same odds and maybe many more.. They chose to rise above those standards and enjoy doing what they believed in, are compassionate and focused.

What does compassion and focus have to do with beauty?

Well, see you are again deviating from the main topic, what has healthy and happy got to do with beauty?

A lot indeed, good health allows excellent body circulation, that keeps the skin well nourished and glowing, not to mention doing away with that flabby tummy..being happy is all it’s about, If you are happy you look beautiful with that lovely smile on your glowing face.. Not to mention other ways of being happy.using your brain to develop a talent and succeed, but well I agree you may get prejudged and success may require more efforts than just talent and developing a beautiful personality may be one of those.. or Is it just the “looks” that are needed to be out there and be admired or achieve what you want.

p=489 Craig Addy Reply Thanks for that, sounds really interesting! A while ago I had one on a music forum and it was just fascinating.

About the differentiation between taste and beauty, it is something I only just now see as essential in the view of Kant.

Yes, we are compelled to do that to succeed, to be admired, to be loved, to have more friends, may be a few fans as well…May be it’s the society that has set a standard for appearances so much and judges you by those standards. Well there is the possibility of so many beautiful people getting ignored and lost into obscurity…

not to mention some who succeed only because; they have spent much effort on their outward appearances.

The contemporary view of beauty is not based on innate qualities, but rather on cultural specifics and individual interpretations. It is a subject that really fascinates me too, for a long time already. I just hosted a Salon called “What is Beauty” and while a definitive meaning for “Beauty” was not forthcoming, we all finished the evening knowing we would not want to live without it.

But only recently I got a better understanding of it, mainly because of putting it into words myself. I like the idea that “beauty” might be something or some awareness in the space between the observer and the object or even idea being observed.


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