Topics To Write About For An Argumentative Essay

Topics To Write About For An Argumentative Essay-6
Each conclusion begins with the rewritten thesis statement, followed by the list of 3-5 main points the author mentioned in the body paragraphs.It should be a summary of the text – try to make it short.

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It is difficult to say uniquely whether the voting procedure should become obligatory for the US citizens.

It is a controversial issue with many opposing views.

It is easy to write a body paragraph: unlike the paper’s introduction & conclusion, this part should not impress the reader, catch his eye, or provide a narrow summary like an abstract.

It exists to include the supporting claims (no less than 3).

Be ready that other students/teachers/listeners will start arguing!

The list of great argumentative essay topics approved by the teachers from the top colleges & universities of the UK and the US is presented below.

Any stellar body paragraph of an argument essay has the factors listed below: It reminds of the political debates population can see on their TV screens every time the Presidential Elections or national holidays are coming.

Pretend you are the potential candidate’s opposition.

The difference between the argument & thesis is in the examples below.

An argument, which is not yet a thesis statement: “The movie ‘Thor’ inaccurately portrays a God of Thunder from Scandinavian mythology because of the way it ignores the real relationships between him and Loki, making the last one the central villain of the story.” In the body paragraphs, support this thesis with the extracts from Scandinavian mythology.


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