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But there is a lot of pressure now coming to bear on how to teach science more effectively.These kinds of strategies are making a huge difference: At workshops aross the U. on teaching with case studies, nearly 90% embraced the method in their own teaching and 92% report that their students are "more engaged" as a result, according to a survey conducted by the Survey Research Lab in the Department of Sociology, UB College of Arts and Sciences and educational consultants Ciurzck & Company. Clyde Freeman Herreid () is SUNY Distinguished Teaching Professor in the Department of Biological Sciences at the State University of New York at Buffalo and director of the National Center for Case Study Teaching in Science.If they had to look up some information about a ticket, they weren’t always able to do that since it wasn’t web-based.” Another issue was that their previous system ran only on PCs.

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Case studies were first taught in the law and business schools at Harvard in the early part of the 20th century.

In science, too, using case studies in class discussions makes the classroom experience vigorous and more engaging than a lecture because students are involved in trying to put ideas into their own words. There is a chance that the discussion will be formless.

More than 160 cases on numerous science topics such as chemistry, biology, pharmacy, and food sciences are available at the National Center for Case Study Teaching in Science website.

For example, my biology department colleagues have used a case about Alzheimer's disease, in which a mouse is injected with amyloid protein to simulate memory loss; one that involves the issue of how prayer may affect the outcome of cardiovascular disease; and a case in which a mother must decide whether to enroll her son, who suffers from muscular dystrophy, in an experimental treatment.

A good case tells a story – either fictional or real – set in the past five years, and involves controversy.

It creates empathy with the central character using dialogue, and is relevant to students.Completing a single workflow step would take a full minute where we would be literally sitting there staring at the screen before it would move on to the next step or task.” Also, the system was client-based instead of web-based.“You couldn’t just access it through a website,” says Welborn.You can encourage peers to correct each other by asking if anyone has any contrary evidence.• Consider the physical design of the classroom.I strongly recommend the U-shaped seating arrangement, wherever possible.• Find a way to conclude the case.“You had to be at your computer and have the software installed on your computer to use it.That was particularly limiting to the technicians who go out in the field and aren’t always sitting at their desk.My very first year teaching, I was humbled by a student in my animal physiology class at the University of Alaska.I was talking about temperature regulation, ticking off the adaptations for low temperature survival, when suddenly an older student in a flannel shirt interrupted: "I wonder if that is how the rock rabbits survive the Alaskan winters? This student had just done something I had never done: leave the classroom and textbooks to connect concepts to his own first-hand experiences in the wild, all in a flash.There is more risk involved, too, because in a discussion you're relinquishing some control to your listeners.Still, there are important ways to avoid these pitfalls.


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