Upton Sinclair The Jungle Essay

Upton Sinclair The Jungle Essay-69
Chapter XVIn Chapter Fifteen, the second major blow hits the family. What effect has the family’s declining fortunes had on little Antanas? What effect does her second pregnancy seem to have on Ona?

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Sinclair’s purpose was to expose the inhumane treatment of the working class and to precipitate change in American industry. He begins the long difficult task of finding another job. What happens to Jonas while Jurgis is incapacitated?

Instead, his graphic and nauseating descriptions of the meat packing industry led to passage of the Pure Food and Drug Act that had been stalled in Congress. Meanwhile, Jonas disappears; the family never learns his fate.1.

Sinclair was involved in several failed political campaigns, including the 1933 California governor’s race.

While The Jungle is his best-known work, it is not the most critically acclaimed. What unpleasant truths do the working members of the family begin to discover about their work places? Chapter VIIIAt the beginning of Chapter Eight, Marija has fallen in love and plans to be married.

Because of the obvious legislative results of The Jungle, it could be incorporated into a study of books that changed the country.

Upton Sinclair The Jungle Essay

Comprehension Chapter IThe book begins with a description of the wedding feast of Jurgis and Ona.

Surrounded by cruel and unscrupulous businessmen and politicians, the family cannot meet monthly expenses. Ona gives birth to a son, but remains in poor health after the birth.1.

Chapter after chapter depicts the extremes to which they must go to earn enough money to survive, and the steady loss of their humanity. What unforeseen expenses were associated with the house?

While many Progressives were motivated by humanitarianism, some were frightened by the growing influence of the socialist party in Europe and the threat of that same influence in the United States. Why is Jurgis always optimistic about the prospect of work? How many members of the extended family immigrated to America?

They saw assistance to the poor as a way to counteract that threat.


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