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Lorrie Moore is joining our faculty this coming year, and will teach in the MFA program for the first time in spring 2014.

Poet Beth Bachmann will begin teaching in the MFA program in fall 2014. KD: The small size of our program, and our egalitarian approach to supporting students; the collegiality between MFA students and faculty; the generous, across the board funding for every student admitted (full tuition; health insurance; $24k stipend topping up financial awards available to students with superior academic backgrounds which can add as much as $10k/year to the basic funding); the opportunities to work closely with faculty over a period of two years; our location in Nashville, Tennessee.

Her poems, which have been anthologized in a number of publications, have appeared in journals such as Robin Tung: What does the MFA committee look for in potential students?

Kate Daniels: More than anything else: Excellent writing; plus, a strong sense of the applicant’s reading life; evidence of involvement with contemporary literature; some sense of the applicant’s dedication to writing and reading, and why he or she has made the choice to attend an MFA program.

received the Agnes Lynch Starrett Prize for Poetry.

Among her honors are a fellowship from what is now known as the Radcliffe Institute for Advanced Study, the James Dickey Prize for Poetry, the Louisiana Literature Prize for Poetry, and the 2011 Hanes Award for Poetry from the Fellowship of Southern Writers.In May 2013, one of our faculty members arranged to have the entire poetry class invited to Sarasota, Florida for a literary conference with W. Here is some of what I know so far: One graduate is a tenure track assistant professor of English/creative writing; several teach part-time as lecturers at colleges and universities, including Vanderbilt.Two of them teach at community colleges, one of whom is tenured, teaching English and creative writing. One of them started an independent arts-consulting business.We are confident that you can find that perfect vendor. before you make that final decision, make sure you are confident with your selection.We often forget how difficult it is to find that perfect vendor. Two are teaching full-time in selective private schools. One received a Wisconsin Creative Writing Fellowship from UW. All of them that we are aware of are still writing and publishing, and in addition to appearing in journals, etc., a least two or three have had work accepted by anthologies.One of our early fiction graduates published a novel.We are most interested in people who are passionate about and dedicated to writing who also cannot live without reading… KD: We have been deemed by the listings to be the most competitive MFA program in the country, based on our admission rate.We admit only 6 students per year, 3 poets and 3 fiction writers.RT: Does the program have certain stylistic leanings?KD: Our stylistic leanings can be determined by reading the work of faculty authors.


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