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If there is one, then I shall patiently wait for the second coming.I constantly tell myself that I should challenge my thoughts and feelings, forming a well-rounded belief system that one day can be my personal “greater truth.” The challenging of my pre-existing beliefs allows me to adapt to new situations fairly quickly, and allow me to adopt new ways of thinking, so I can see everything from every angle possible, shedding new light on each subject I come across.

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With this, I leave myself to continue my usual routine of giving so unconditionally, until (like I’ve said before) I have no more life to live.

That you find yourself catering to them, or at least feeling tempted to do so, lest they suddenly turn against you and make your life miserable?

Once the world can truly understand the relationship between suffering and love, I believe the world can find it within themselves to promote drastic change between its inhabitants… This is a farfetched idea, but at least it is an idea. There should be no need for a “doomsday clock” in our world. I believe the concept of perfection was invented so we can give the things and people we truly adore another label or category. “Perfect…”The concept of perfection is something we associate with love.

But even in utopia there will always be the possibility of revolution, inequality and separation. I believe perfection varies depending on the type of perfection. We want love to be perfect, we believe that love is the most-perfect feeling (when executed correctly, of course).

The great (and sometimes controversial) philosopher Jacques Derrida once said that he was plagued by fear after writing a controversial piece challenging other thinkers or establishing what was known to him as “the truth.” As a writer, a similar fear seems to come over me as I begin to plan an essay or I begin to write. They all follow in a similar path; they connect to my inner thoughts and feelings. the usual psychological concoction to cure me of the plague that had been hindering me my last few years of my life (which, when you think about it, has been a big part of my life).

I have struggled with depression for most of my teenage life. In daily life, I try to repress my feelings and block them out so I can have a normal day and function for those who need me.When you read calls for making the classroom a "safe space" for students, do you ever wonder whether it has become an unsafe space for faculty?Do you sometimes pull your punches when giving feedback on demonstrated weaknesses in students' course work submissions, classroom performance or intellectual character, due to apprehension that frank, direct criticisms, corrections and suggestions might be characterized later as having been "unprofessionally" hostile, demeaning or disrespectful?It may sound selfish for me to say that people need me, but I use this phrase in the context that if someone should need my help, I will be there for them.When I write, the thought of certain feelings, thoughts and situations bring back many of those previously mentioned repressed feelings. I would not write some of the things I do if I did not truly feel that way.I do not know what the greater truth is, and this has led me to many sleepless nights, because the greater truth will help us live any life better.Regardless of whether we are rich, poor, sad, happy…And that, after all the massive undeserved stress that would ensue, the outcome would very likely be that your academic prerogatives and position would be seriously compromised or even terminated?Maybe you have never have been troubled by such a seemingly far-fetched scenario, but do you find yourself squirming when you see the fervor with which some students, and the activists with whom they identify, call out and demand "justice" (i.e., harsh punishments) for what they regard as racist, sexist, cissexist and other "microaggressions"?Do you worry that you must watch your words carefully around students, and even then an entirely innocent and defensible utterance might still earn for itself, and for you, irreversible public condemnation and institutional penalties -- penalties against which you are powerless because of your already insecure adjunct or untenured status, or even against which your tenure would provide no great protection?Are you fearful because you can't find any protective clear lines that distinguish the intellectually challenging from the culpably "offensive," that distinguish the mere reference to a bigoted claim or term from the embracing assertion or use of it, that distinguish a willingness to inquire about the strengths and weaknesses of a broadly despised position from advocacy for that position?


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