What Should A Personal Essay Included With A College Application Not Do

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I think I've found it, so I hope it will stick around for a long time.

I think I've found it, so I hope it will stick around for a long time.

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Within a day I was spending several hours here, doing a lot of things wrong, getting in trouble with the Quorabot for being too "Philly," and not understanding that the Quora definition of "Be nice, be respectful," is much more Pollyanna-ish than the East Coast definition.

Regardless, I was willing to be bullied and insulted by a robot twice a week in exchange for the fabulous people I found here.

It is not a philosophical essay on why the homeless remain such a problem. Students often forget that this is not an assigned paper for history class.

If the reader gets bored, she stops reading and puts your file on the reject stack.

I have heard Edward Tom, the [now retired] Dean of Admissions at Berkeley Law School, say that he would reject someone for a single grammatical error in their personal statement.

The next commonality is the word "personal." A personal statement is not a rehash of your resume, nor is it a summary of why you want to choose a certain major or attend a certain school.When I subtract the opening comments and this parenthetical and look just at the “personal statement” portion of what I’ve written, it’s 658 words.So I can give one more example, and then I need to conclude.]The best thing about Quora – no, I can't say a best thing.And they were almost certainly right; I think the most "reads" that I ever got on a Facebook post was 50.So my sister probably sent me a link to Quora, although I don't actually remember that: I only remember that I was addicted as fast and furious as I had been to tobacco 40 years earlier. There is no single answer; a lot of it depends on the personalities of the admissions officers, as well as the institutional goals of the school in question.If the personal statement instructions are to produce a document that is much shorter than two pages, it is often being used primarily as a writing sample.I found that I could create blogs to express my own feelings about subjects that other people hadn't asked about.I'm pretty proud of my blog, since I seem to have been out of the closet longer than almost anyone else here (perhaps longer than almost anyone else alive), so I had knowledge that I wanted to share and was able to without waiting for someone to ask a question.I could wander over and look at questions just randomly to see what people were writing about.I've learned an awful lot about transgenderism that I didn't know before, by reading other peoples' answers, or having them critique mine.


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