What To Write In A College Transfer Essay

Name classes that will fill knowledge gaps that you have.

Provide the names of professors whose work interests you and how their interests are similar to your own.

Admissions officers are aware of their school’s reputation, so writing about reputation is probably a little too general to be meaningful in your transfer essay.

Instead, focus on aspects of the school that are more personal to you.

If you’re applying to a school in a college town, write about the benefits of being part of a tight-knit community.

Most of all, let the admissions officers know that you will be proud to have a degree from their school.Therefore, it’s important to be self-reflective and use your word count wisely to give colleges a well-rounded perspective about why you are choosing to transfer.Instead of writing that the college “didn’t offer the classes I needed to graduate,” you might write, “I decided at the end of my sophomore year that my true passion was education, and I would like to teach elementary school.Finally, remember to write about life outside of the classroom.Are there clubs or organizations that you look forward to joining? If you’re applying to schools in metropolitan areas, you might want to write about the cultural offerings.Without it, you’ll likely run out of room very quickly and either shortchange the conclusion or wind up with an essay that doesn’t have enough depth to be meaningful to the admissions officers.Therefore, use the first part of the essay to provide the admissions officers with sufficient background information from your school, work, and volunteer experience to show that you have the qualifications necessary to succeed at their school.By writing about specific details, the admissions officers will be able to see that you have fully researched their school and made an informed choice in submitting your transfer application package.Regardless of how bad things were or are, never criticize your current/previous school.Whether it is to transfer from a 2-year to a 4-year school or to pursue a program that is better aligned with their academic and career goals, transferring schools is becoming increasingly common.Although the negative stigmas of the past regarding transferring schools has largely faded, transfer students still tend to be given low priority in the admissions process.


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