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The outline also helps you create an argument that flows.Remember: body paragraphs should always be organized weakest to strongest—that way the audience is left with the best paragraph.Here is an outline example: In persuasive writing, the introduction paragraph tends to be longer than in other academic essays.

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As the last sentence in the introduction, it acts as a natural transition to the first body paragraph.All of your claims should be supported with proper examples – illustrate ideas with the help of vivid examples.Reflecting on your own real-life experiences can be just as good as using more conventional examples.Tips for a great introduction While there are five kinds of sentences, there will likely be more than five sentences in the paragraph.There may be several background sentences, and in your research, you may find quotations from several different sources to include in one paragraph…that’s great!It helps you demonstrate your knowledge of the subject and create a context for your arguments.After reading your thesis statement, a reader should be able to understand your position and recognize your expertise in a particular field.In order to answer this question, the student would have to acknowledge and consider the most common forms of government including a democracy, theocracy, dictatorship, and monarchy.A well-written persuasive essay would introduce all the forms and define them in the intro before delving into the strengths and weaknesses within the body paragraphs.Thesis statement does not state your opinion or list facts but rather identifies what you will be arguing for or against within the body of your essay.Thesis statements should be accurate, clear, and on-topic.


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