Writing Personal Essays For College

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The 2020 - 2021 FAFSA will be available on October 1. Scholarship Lists An overview of the different types of Scholarship Money for College.

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As such, they offer guidance or assistance with their student’s essays. Thank them in advance because they do not get paid for taking up this extra responsibility, and let them know early on that you want them to critique your writing.

Start a Word document and do as much pre-writing as possible.

They want to know how well you can contribute to their college… As such, an outstanding personal statement essay is NOT a list of your accomplishments because you should have already listed them in your college application. Rather, it is about ‘YOU’ and the real person behind the GPA/SAT/ACT scores.

This essay is NOT a list of your life’s events either. There are numerous individuals or firms who provide college coaching to help students get into competitive colleges and universities for a hefty fee. Most high schools (public or private) have a designated teacher, usually an English language teacher, who has assumed the responsibility of helping the seniors with their college essays. He / She is often the best resource to help you with your essays.

You can use this feed back to construct your personal essay as well.

After you write your personal statement essay, give it to someone who doesn’t know you and ask that person to read it and give you his/ her opinion using only three adjectives.

From there, you can attach the item to your application when you get to that section.

See this article for instructions on adding media (such as personal essays) to your locker.

Your personal essay allows you to stand out during the application process.

We recommend starting it as soon as possible to ensure you have time to meet the deadline.


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